Thursday, 12 July 2012

Let's go + let go.

12 July 2012   12:54am
Stealing time from exam prep. Hell! It's the time to get tested, again.
The stomach flu is not helping at all. Think positive, positive, +ve...
The target board stares back, there are so many goals set, and it seems I haven't put my heart into accomplishing any. Ok, I did purge some old clothes and bags of old newspaper clippings and magazines, put the clippings to good use by passing ideas to my brother for his next career move (I'm a little excited about his choice, and I am sure he will succeed). Packed a whole stack of books for reading up after the exams. I am accountable for clearing the exams, need to keep reminding myself. Had a wake up call on Monday. S reminded me about "beliefs, what and why" we joined this career.

I have forgotten my beliefs. They slipped to the back of my mind, parked there for so long. I sat and waited for paradigm shift to happen, knowingly it won't happen without action. And "successful people are successful because they took a lot of actions". Where did my actions go? I gave others too much attention. Neglected my needs and wants. *Reminded of 'One Minute for Yourself'. How can I make this situation better for myself? MYOB.

Going cold turkey with my social activities. Stopped taking the proactive approach in asking friends out for meet ups. Some of such meetings are time-robbers. Have to put an economic value for now, to where I park time. This means Project REL1 is put on hold. Sometimes breaking away helps to put things in perspective. You see things larger and farther by taking a step back. So ok, one week for a start. Need some self control. The world turns with or without me, let me remind myself. Those damsels in distress can help themselves, or wait for others to stand in and help them. While I desperately help myself.

*Sneeze!* Bad sign. Somebody said someone is thinking/ missing you when you sneeze. I like to indulge in the romantic thought that someone is missing me, well, actually it is just the onset of a terrible flu in my case! Hopefully I will recover before Sunday's run.

I need sleep. Will be dead meat at Friday's exam...think positive, think +ve....Om~

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